Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

LifeROOTS Offers Cost-Effective Program To Help Companies And Organizations With Assembly And Repackaging Jobs

LifeROOTS is excited to launch a program that makes good business sense for area companies and organizations ... and makes it possible for workers with disabilities to work in meaningful jobs within the community.

Through our Assembly and Repackaging services, we offer a cost-effective way for today’s companies to handle many jobs by having our workers perform these tasks - freeing up their staff while providing a great work opportunity for those with disabilities

Why Hire LifeROOTS?
  • Dedicated, Motivated Workers: Companies hire our organization -- not just employees
  • Cost Savings: LifeROOTS pays the labor force’s payroll taxes, benefits, workman’s comp and unemployment taxes, benefits, workman’s comp and unemployment.
  • Convenience: Our employees can work at a company’s location or product can be delivered to our workroom

Why is LifeROOTS better than a typical temp agency?

  • Benefits for the Company: Diversifying workforce might make you eligible for some government contracts
  • We Provide the Supervision. LifeROOTS offers workforce supervision - freeing up company supervisors
  • Workers who Love to Work. Our workforce enjoys the challenges of repetitive work, show up to work on time and have very low turn-over.
  • No background checks needed. Our workforce maintains contracts that require confidentiality, security clearances and background checks - so companies are guaranteed top quality workers.
LifeROOTS is pleased to introduce this program that helps today’s companies take the work out of assembly and re-packaging projects for them - while giving work to those with disabilities and helping them gain a sense of independence. For more information about the LifeROOTS Assembly and Repackaging Program, click here or call us at 505-255-5501.

Our LifeROOTS Hero: Art Williams, RN At LifeROOTS, Honored By Rio Rancho Observer as a 2014 Healthcare Hero

We are thrilled to announce that Art Williams, our LifeROOTS nurse, has been named a “Healthcare Hero” by the Rio Rancho Observer.  As a recipient of this prestigious award, Art is featured in a special “Health Care Heroes” insert in the Rio Rancho Observer’s 2014 Health and Wellness Directory – a directory of all healthcare providers in the region that is produced by the Rio Rancho Observer and distributed throughout Sandoval County.

For the past nine years, Art Williams has played an instrumental role here at LifeROOTS where, as our only nurse, he has provided special care for our clients.  His dedication to his job, his nursing skills and his commitment to helping to provide important medical care to those with disabilities has been something we have long admired and praised here at LifeROOTS  -- and we are so happy that he has been recognized and honored by the health care community with this important award.

Art joined us as a highly experienced nurse, with a long career in public nursing and nursing management.  As he made the transition to provide nursing care to those with disabilities, we have seen first-hand how his soothing demeanor and nursing skills have helped our clients – noting his “calm voice, calming hand and calming influence” on our clients, and how he “demonstrates compassion and care.”  As our nurse, Art keeps tabs on medication and treatment for all of our adult clients, and has made a number of other important contributions to our program – including helping to produce precautionary policies and procedures, as well as training staff to follow these directives.

We congratulate Art on being recognized with this honor – and thank him for the vital role he plays here at LifeROOTS in being a dedicated and skilled nurse to our clients, a critical component to our entire organization … and our very own “healthcare hero.”

For more information about the Healthcare Heroes award, and to read Art’s feature in the Healthcare Heroes section of the Rio Rancho Observer's 2014 Health and Wellness Directory, click here.

Client Spotlight: LifeROOTS Early Intervention Program After Aubree Suffered A Pediatric Stroke, LifeROOTS Helped Her Strike Back.

As a first-time mom, Stephanie Terchila excitedly read everything she could about child development after the birth of daughter Aubree in March, 2011.  So when she had a few concerns about Aubree’s development at four months old, she brought them up to her pediatrician  – never thinking that what would follow would be a barrage of tests, an MRI … and the surprising diagnosis that Aubree had suffered a stroke while in the womb. 
Aubree’s in utero stroke occurred on the left side of her brain, causing limited mobility of her right side, vision problems and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  Determined to help Aubree overcome the challenges she’d be faced with, Stephanie and husband Max embarked on a program of important therapies to help in Aubree’s development … and turned to LifeROOTS Early Intervention Program.

Working closely with her LifeROOTS team of physical, occupational and speech therapists, Aubree inspires all of those around her with her hard work, bubbly personality … and her success in reaching developmental milestones.  As she turns three, Aubree is walking, talking more and more every day and enjoying life as a typical, busy – and joyful –little girl. She receives hippo (horseback) therapy and swim therapy every week, and has just joined the LifeROOTS Playgroup --  where she is thrilled to play, learn and socialize with children of all abilities.

For Stephanie (who has just secured a proclamation declaring May as “Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month” in New Mexico) LifeROOTS not only helped Aubree, but offered a critical support system.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Help Support LifeROOTS with AmazonSmile … and Help Bring Smiles to Those with Disabilities

There’s a great, and easy, way for you to help donate to LifeROOTS … while simply shopping online at Amazon!  The “Amazon Smile” program allows you to donates 0.5% of the price of your purchases to the charitable organization of your choice (most products are eligible, and you will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile Donation” on the product details pages.) 

To enroll in the “Amazon Smile” program (which is exactly the same as shopping on Amazon.com), simply go to www.smile.amazon.com and follow the directions. As you’ll see when enrolling, LifeROOTS is among the selections offered as a charity to select in the Albuquerque area – something that certainly makes us smile … and which will we’re sure will bring smiles to all of those we serve!  Once you have enrolled, make sure to mark the website on your Favorite Places menu for easy access the next time you want to place an order so you can continue to have 0.5% of future purchases get donated back to us, as well!

We’re so happy to be a part of the Amazon Smile program … and thank you for your support, assistance in helping us with our mission and, of course, the smiles you’re sure to bring to our clients! 

Remember -- if you want Amazon to donate to the charity you’ve selected, you need to start each shopping session at the URL http://smile.amazon.com.